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Zero Waste Education programme has been educating children about the topic of sustainable resource use since 193.  This programme is now offered to over 480 schools throughout New Zealand to students in years 1 - 8 each year.  Additionally there are units available for preschools and selected areas.

Available units are;

  • Zero the No Rubbish Hero (preschool)

  • Is That Really Rubbish? (Y1&2)

  • The Litterless Lunchbox (Y1&2)

  • Reduce (Y3&4)

  • Reuse (Y3&4)

  • Recycle (Y5&6)

  • Compost (Y5&6)

  • Resource Sustainability (Y7&8)

  • Water (Y7&8)

  • Rural Waste (Y5-8)

More information about the programme can be found here -