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EERST manages three environmental education programmes:

Paper4trees – waste minimisation and tree planting programme for NZ schools and preschools

Water4schools – promoting the sustainable use of water

Energy4schools – promoting sustainable energy use (still in development)

EERST also runs the local Keep New Zealand Beautiful branch - Keep Tauranga Beautiful.

Click on the links below for more information about each.


Water4schools is a practical way to “walk the talk” in regards to environmental sustainability. The Water4schools programme is promoting the sustainable use of water. The programme encourages water conservation and awareness about water use by working with schools to install water tanks. 

Keep Tauranga Beautiful

Keep Tauranga Beautiful is a branch of Keep New Zealand Beautiful - www.knzb.org.nz

Keep Tauranga Beautiful was set up to:

  • Support local community groups

  • Promote and support Keep New Zealand Beautiful national projects

  • Promote waste minimisation and recycling

  • Organise clean up events and tree planting events


Paper4trees is a waste minimisation and tree planting programme for NZ schools and preschools. Schools are encouraged to recycle paper and cardboard, and then get free native trees for their efforts!


A large proportion of New Zealand’s energy supply is from renewable energy such as hydro and wind. However coal and natural gas are used in greater proportion when we experience reduced rainfall, which means a greater use of non-renewable fossil fuels are required to meet our energy needs.

We believe that through an energy audit, simple changes and education we can significantly reduce the energy consumed in New Zealand’s schools. 

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