The programmes run by EERST are for the benefit of New Zealand and the global environment. We believe in changing behaviours through positive messages and practical incentives and we see schools as the most effective conduit for our programmes. Everyone can make a difference and by practicing waste minimisation at school, students can make a positive impact in their world everyday.

The EERST programmes are ongoing and are designed to work with as many different aspects of the community as possible i.e. participants, supporters, sponsors, project partners etc. It is important that a variety of people and organisations are able to contribute to these programmes as it means the messages and benefits are spread even further.

If you are interested in getting involved, please click on the relevant links below or look at the options on the How you can help drop down menu.

How you can help:


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Sponsorship, payroll giving, fundraising. How will your company help the environment?

Join our programmes

Join Paper4trees or send in expressions of interest for Water4schools or Energy4schools. 


Volunteers are the backbone of any not for profit organisation. Add volunteering to your CV and meet people within the industry.

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