Involve Your Company

Our generous corporate partners don’t just provide financial support to EERST – most importantly, they help raise awareness of our cause through brand alignment and by promoting our goals and key messages through their advertising and media channels to customers, suppliers and staff.

From sponsorship and payroll giving to corporate volunteering and employee fundraising, there are great opportunities for you and your company to create a mutually beneficial partnership with us.

Become a Sponsor

At EERST, we offer our corporate partners the opportunity to connect with their customers and staff through a shared passion for the environment.

Our fully managed, goal oriented partnership programme is founded on shared values, communication and integration across the business to meet business and marketing objectives. Individual partnership plans are customised to meet the ongoing brand and business needs of both organisations.

Without the generous support of these organisations, we simply could not help as many schools and local communities as we do.

If you are keen for your business to form a corporate partnership with EERST, please contact us on or call 07 578 7025.

Find out more about our current partners here.

Donate In-Kind

Reducing operational costs through in-kind support allows EERST to direct funds into programmes that educate our youth and preserve the environment.

If your company is able to provide goods and services that will help EERST to reduce its operational costs, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us on 07 578 7025 or

Make a Corporate Donation

If your company would like to support New Zealand’s environment, a corporate donation is a great option if you don’t want to become a sponsor, or get your staff involved in fundraising. All contributions are greatly appreciated and your donation is tax deductible!

Set Up Payroll Giving

Payroll giving offers employees the opportunity to donate directly to EERST.

Did you know that most employees can nominate to support their charity of choice and to have this deducted (pre-tax) directly from their salary? If the donation is more than $5, they receive a third of the donation as an immediate tax rebate.

To set up payroll giving at your workplace, or to find out if your company already participates in payroll giving please contact your Payroll Administrator who can email us at for more information.