About Us

EERST runs environmental programmes and waste assessments for schools, councils and businesses. You will see much about these programmes on this site, they are; the Paper4trees Programme, the Water4schools Programme and the Energy4schools Programme.

We also speak directly with community groups and work with local councils to give practical, simple solutions to their waste problems. Aside from pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars directly into the community, the trust cuts environmental, financial and social costs associated with waste.

Other things we do are:

  • Design and implement zero waste programmes
  • Provide cleaner production services
  • Conduct waste audits for schools, businesses and local government
  • Assist with carbon zero projects
  • Work to reduce climate change through tree planting
  • Manage behaviour change programmes

Who are the Trustees?


Marty Hoffart – Trust Chairman

Marty is a Director of Waste Watchers Ltd and Chair of the New Zealand Community Recycling Network (CRN). He has helped hundreds of businesses introduce resource efficiency and waste minimisation practices within the workplace. Marty was educated in Canada, holds a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology and a National Certificate in Zero Waste and Resource Recovery in New Zealand. He is co-founder of the award winning Paper4trees programme and is an advocate of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility. He has published articles about end-of-life tyres and frequently speaks about waste related topics at conferences.

Brendon Thomas – TrusteeBrendon with P4T Bins new

Working with the trust since 2010, Brendon went on to become a trustee of EERST in 2012. Brendon was Involved with the establishment of the Paper4trees programme in various parts of New Zealand, traveling from Rodney to Buff visiting around 1500 schools and pre-schools. He has a passion for the environment and alternative energy. A mechanic by trade, Brendon has built his own Bio Diesel processer to make diesel out of used fish n chip oil. He has run a car for years on 100% fish ‘n chip oil. When time allows, Brendon works on developing a compost bin made from “Papercrete”.

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 2.51.09 PMKim Edwards – Trustee

Kim is an Environmental Educator and Administration Manager with the Zero Waste Education Programme (since January 2010). Educated at Victoria University of Wellington, Kim has a B.A in Psychology, with Industrial and Organisational Psychology as a focus. Additionally she holds a National Certificate in Resource Recovery in New Zealand (Level 3). Kim has considerable experience in business and project management, Operations and Communications. With 6 years in governance on a school Board of Trustees, being passionate about the environment and walking the talk, Kim is a logical advocate and support for the Trust.


Bruce Trask – Co-founder of EERST (Chairman and EERST trustee from 2000-2013)

Bruce has been involved in Education since being a Beginning Teacher in 1965 at Bledisloe School in Taradale. After spending nearly 24 years teaching including three principals positions, he left teaching to be the first CEO of Sport Bay of Plenty. In 1993 his life changed direction again when he won a position to create a Zero Waste Education programme for the Tauranga City Council. This programme was first taught in June 1994 and still continues to be taught in over 500 schools in twenty one council areas throughout New Zealand. In 2011 the Zero Waste Education programme was translated into Te Reo.

The success of this programme lead to the establishment of the EERST Trust in 2000 with Business Partner, Marty Hoffart. Since it’s inception Bruce was been the chairman of the Trust until retiring in September 2013.

Bruce is well known in the community and in 2000 was awarded, along with partner, Iris Thomas, the Round Table Community Award. In 2003 they both received the Tauranga City Council Community Spirit Award. Bruce was also the first Social Entrepreneur for Community Employment Group in New Zealand.

Bruce continues to work towards making our environment a better place for his many mokopuna through his involvement in Zero Waste Education, Waste Education New Zealand Ltd., also via his continuing advocacy for the EERST Trust’s, Paper4trees and Water4schools programmes.