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Let's enable our future generations to make a change.

Right now, landfills are filling up and trees are being chopped down. You can make the change.

How we make a difference

We work with preschools, schools, businesses and communities to create a more sustainable future.

Through education and action, communities can become more environmentally aware and live a more sustainable life.

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Waste Minimisation

Putting recycling bins in classrooms and planting native trees.

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Sustainable water use

Providing water tanks to schools and preschools.


waste minimisation education

Offering 10 Waste Minimisation Education Units from Pre-School to Year 8; funded by local councils

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clean ups & beautification

Litter clean ups, event recycling, and native tree planting in the Tauranga community.

How you can help


Like what we are doing and want to help? Make a donation today!

Involve your company

Sponsorship, payroll giving, fundraising. How will your company help the environment?

Join our programmes

Join Paper4trees or send in expressions of interest for Water4schools or Energy4schools. 


Volunteers are the backbone of any not for profit organisation. Add volunteering to your CV and meet people within the industry.

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